Umbrella Sword

Umbrella Sword is a multi-platform transmedia experience that tells the story of genius software developer Martin Stitch and the search for his missing wife. Drawn into a mysterious world of secret societies, fringe technology, kidnapping and murder, Martin must follow the clues left for him by a shadowy figure known only as “Standish”.

This interactive thriller spans a vast network of secret websites, coded messages, cryptic phone and text messages and ground breaking mobile apps. It is a fully immersive, online conspiracy that allows audiences to become part of the story while helping Martin accomplish his deadly mission.

Go to or click the banner to explore Umbrella Sword for yourself. You can discover all the experience offers quickly by selecting the “Guided Tour” option after registration.

However, if you have the meddle to unravel the deadly conspiracy on your own, then choose to “Wing It”.

Best of luck, brave soul. You’re going to need it.

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